Glacial Lakes Distillery Premium Hand-Crafted Spirits

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Our Story

We are three guys with high expectations to put a  spirit in your hand that raises an eye brow. We are committed to honoring the gifts that have been left on our doorstep in the form of clean air, glacial water, high plains grains, and sunshine. And we'll do it one batch at a time. Grandma didn't make cookies in volume. She mixed each batch by hand. We'll follow Grandma's lead.


We didn't start Glacial Lakes Distillery because of the glaciers or the crops. Like many, we started because we have a passion to distill. Our story is not unique to the craft distilling legion. We have beer brewing and wine  making backgrounds to compliment our careers in engineering, architecture, and business. Distilling liquor, even for personal use, is illegal in the US. If it were legal to distill as a hobby, Glacial Lakes Distillery may have never been born. We pursued a license to legally distill and have chosen to make our products available for everyone to enjoy.


According to geologists, glaciers from the most recent ice age retreated from the upper midwest 10,000 years ago. Each February it feels like a glacier is knocking on the door of Glacial Lakes Distillery in the northeastern South Dakota city of Watertown. 

Brutal winters are followed by hot summers. In our region, each summer is unique with respect to temperature and rainfall. These differences will provide subtle variations in our final product. There is no place in the world that can duplicate our water,  grains, and climate. Our spirits are a proud product of South Dakota.

 Glacial Lakes Distillery has 160 acres of crop land to produce premium grains. In addition to the grains grown on the Distillery land, we choose grains from local farmers. Being so closely tied to the local farming community allows us the unique opportunity to monitor every step of the agricultural process. From planting through harvest we watch every step with interest. Alongside our farming neighbors, we pray for rain, watch storm clouds, and worry about an early frost.